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Have fun first, Work Later. I MEAN IT. I think it's very healthy.


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Jazz music is awesome. I've always liked just kicking back at a jazz/blues bar... but don't get to do that anymore. Priorities change with mini me's
Andy replied:
You have to start to do it again. Remember, when there's a will, there's always a way. Just look at my motto on top of the page under "ABOUT"
Nice page! I also love jazz.
Andy replied:
Awesome, finally there's someone with taste.
Jason & Marilyn:
thats what im talking about ,a red car looks hot
Andy replied:
Just sometimes it's hot for the cops too....:)
Much better!
Andy replied:
Glad to hear that. :)
Glad we're new friends. I hope you enjoy my paintings.
Andy replied:
Yes, I very much like your painting. Where can I see the collections?
Nice color scheme on your page, but it would look more pimped with some graphics here and there.
Andy replied:
OK Now, what do you think?
diana krall? for some reason, i never expected to hear that kind of music on your page.
Andy replied:
I've been listening to D Krall since 6 years ago. Do you like Jazz?
Jason & Marilyn:
yo bro, is that my previous mazda at executive on the picture that you've posted for executive group?
Andy replied:
Yes, got to have a red car...:)
"Have fun first, Work Later."
Are you sure about that?
Andy replied:
It's more like my dream. Hope to come true.
Thanks for coming by today!
Andy replied:
No problem at all. I like your desk, but I think it's not you...hehehe...'s going great. Just been very busy with pre-production for our movie this summer. We just met up with Tom this past Sunday to finish shooting his pickups for UPSTART. Anyway, you guys are all taking care in Texas. Come down to LA sometime.
Andy replied:
Please say Hi to John and Matt. Hope to see y'all soon.
I left my wallet in El Segundo is a song by the greatest hip-hop artists EVER!
Andy replied:
It sounds more like a Spanish song than hiphop.
Damn.. that is a nice house. Where are you hidding that house?
Andy replied:
It's a dream house.
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