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Day One

May 5 2007 at 11:30AM

Coffee? Check. Hangover? Check. Trying not to not screw up? Well, that is still to be determined. Hi, I am new here at YIPPYKYA, and it is my first day of what is sure to be one hell of an expirence! What better way to go into the unknown than to take a job with an internet startup right? Right?

OK all bad takes at sarcasm aside, I am extremely thrilled to be joining the team here to help out with Marketing and PR. I know what you people that already know me are thinking, "Damn dude, pick ONE field", but I am sorry to say, I can not do that. I get board too easy! There is also the fact that I am getting paid money! That is the only language I speak.

Beyond all the nonsensical jargin, and yes I know I have way too many spelling errors, I am excited about what I will be doing here. I am the type of guy you either REALLY love or REALLY hate so send me the nude pictures or hate mail! I truly don't know which I enjoy more. Take it easy and remember, its never plagerism until you get caught.


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