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"if you had your own clothing store, what if everyone who came in wanted free clothes? support a business and stop asking for freebies..DAMN!"
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June 21, 2007.
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Read about me before Asking about me...

I am to myself sometimes until i get to know you. If you are in my circle..i will honor you and look out for you. I appreciate great friends, and can't imagine my life without any. My circle is bigger than most i guess you can say i'm blessed, never lonely, and I am lucky. I am also a hustler!! ever since i was young for those that know me..but value & morals go along in being one. I respect family, friends, and those that respect me. I don't understand hate..and would never bring someone down who is coming up in positive success. I think goals brings success, so anyone who has that, i like to surround myself with.

I can also say i am a feminist. I believe that women have gone a long way to gain respect and proud of women who stand strong and independent. Independence in my definition does not mean selling your body, gold-diggin, strippin to get bread. I get let down for the other women who disgrace womanhood.

Besides all that, I enjoy travelling all over various countries (very often) just to get away, and see how other cultures live their lives and try to be in their shoes. When i say travel, i dont mean houston to austin. I mean going to Japan, Spain, Malaysia, Shanghai China, Taiwan, St Maartan, Acapulco, Puerto Rico, Paris, Amsterdam, etc!! Travelling opens my mind up to new things and I like to enjoy life because you only get one shot to live it the fullest. I recently had a life threatening experience and it hit me hard to know that life is too short. To live a new day is a blessing, to lose a day is a waste of time that you can be doing something productive & treasure every moment. I like nice things, living good, eating good, so i can sleep good! I am materialistic, meaning i will work hard to get the things that i want. I am more of a giver than a receiver. I feel that i am one of the luckiest people alive b/c i have been through a lot and trying to always get the most out of life.

WHERES WALDO is like my theme of life!! WHERES CANDY NOW? (except i dont have the cane w/ the stripe sweater..i'll be rockin my stilettos so watch for me!! ;)


Nice quote, I feel you on that.
Hiya, Candy! Have a great day!
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