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Kingdom of Light Entertainment, Podium Pictures, Chengtian Entertainment in association with Yippykya is currently in preproduction for the highly anticipated movie, THE GAUNTLET. Internet casting calls are currently taking place, so log-on and submit your virtual auditions. There are no sides provided. Just improvise!

STORY LINE: In a sunken castle underneath the Earth, six strangers wake. They have no food. No memory. No water. And no way out. These strangers are from every normal walk of life, yet they each have a secret. They don’t know it yet, but they’re capable of something they never imagined. They must organize and band together for the sinister adventure that awaits them.

Centuries of dead men are the only decoration around them. These strangers soon discover that they are part of an elaborate sadist experiment that places them in unimaginable life-or-death situations. To unravel the puzzle of their capture, they’re forced to scramble through hidden passages, medieval chambers, and sacrificial grounds filled with booby traps, taunting clues, and hidden antidotes. They desperately cling onto any spec of hope that’s left, but starvation and treachery carves away at their souls.

At the end of endless corridors, when all hope is lost and much blood has been spilt, they finally discover a way out. But the passage will not open until only one heart beats. Can you save someone’s life one day and then take it from them the next? Will they kill another to ensure their own survival? Will our hero kill his love interest to survive? Discipline, teamwork, and loyalty are replaced with deception and betrayal. The epic battle of wits and survival of the fittest commences.

Armed with ancient medieval weapons, the strangers wage brutal war against each other through orchards of the dead. Blood, guts, arrows, and axes litter the ground.

After the carnage ends, only a single heart beats. The passage opens. Instead of freedom, the stranger soon discovers that a new and more twisted nightmare beckons. The thought of freedom becomes a distant memory.

DIRECTOR: Modern horror requires a vision that is simultaneously intense, raw and unbinding in its execution. My unique vision is to create a horror film that has all the rush, excitement and fear of a genre piece but with the original plot twists and turns and strong character arcs that define great storytelling. Utilizing a fast pace and frenetic energy with a dynamic sound and editing style that pushes the boundaries of contemporary genre limits—audiences will not have experienced a movie like this before.

As most of the story is set in labyrinthine corridors that compose of the Gauntlet, my vision is to create a claustrophobic and dynamic visual palette that slowly ratchets up the dread and builds a truly menacing atmosphere. The audience will feel trapped with the characters and the heightened suspense will draw them in with an unbridled sense of tension and unease. Each area in the Gauntlet will be devised of a distinct color and lighting design that highlights the continuously nightmarish journey of our main character David as he explores his past and reveals his true place in the puzzle of the story. I want the movie to be a visceral roller coaster ride that escalates in intensity as audiences are plunged deeper and deeper into the bowels of the Gauntlet.

When it all comes down to it, my vision will rely on the script's inventive plot twists, distinct dialogue and relatable characters in bringing to the screen unique visualizations that will stretch the audiences expectations and imaginations into new realms and possibilities.

[DAVID HELLER] A capable, fit man in his 20s, he's training to be a state trooper, but he is kicked out of the academy through no fault of his own, but because his father was such a notorious figure. Awakening in a dungeon, David finds himself facing horrors and death at every turn, as he struggles to find his way out of a maze of obstacles and terror that confront him. Joining him in his struggles are a group of desperate survivors, all of whom are also trying to escape the carnage, and who are all buoyed by David's example of kindliness and courage. But at the end of his ordeal, David has a shocking revelation in store -- and the sinking feeling that his own life and values have changed forever...LEAD … CAUCASIAN (1)

[EMMA] A tough, beautiful young woman in her 20s, she's an aspiring musician who has had it pretty rough the last couple of years, and has been reduced to living in her car. Emma also awakens in a dungeon, and must battle to escape her deadly confines. To do so, she teams with David, and their feelings for one another intensify, despite the horrors of their circumstances. In the outside world, Emma also killed some people, namely the rapists who assaulted her in the middle of the night. Like David, she has too much humanity to be completely brutalized by the conditions in the Gauntlet, but their strength is quickly running out and death seems inevitable...LEAD…CAUCASIAN (16)

[KIM] The daughter of a wealthy doctor, Kim is a fit, striking 25-35 year old physical fitness trainer who also winds up in the dungeon. Terrified but resolute, she winds up joining forces with David and his ragtag band for a time. A real force of nature, Kim will do whatever it takes to survive. Like the others, Kim has blood on her hands -- but so far, she has gotten away with murder. But now, all her past misdeeds are coming home to roost. Despite the horrors that surround her, Kim intends to be the last person standing, whatever it takes...LEAD…ASIAN-AMERICAN OR CAUCASIAN (44)

[JIN-SOO] A good-looking Korean man in his 30s, he struggles with David early on in the dungeon, but winds up teaming with him in a desperate effort to escape. A loving father and husband who runs a convenience store, Jin-Soo killed some thugs who were victimizing him, and now, he has ended up in this bizarre and hellish underworld, from which there seems little hope of escape. Badly injured early on, Jin-Soo manages to stay up with the rest of the group, thanks to David's kindness. But his strength is fading fast, as are his hopes of survival...LEAD…ASIAN-AMERICAN (8)

[TYLER SWENSON] Age 13-19, he's a mischievous, capable and resourceful youth who has also ended up battling for his life in the hellish underworld of the Gauntlet. When teenage shooters attacked his classmates, Tyler quietly killed them both, but kept the news of his heroic slayings quiet. Now, he's using those survival skills to escape his present circumstances -- but when things go bad, Tyler won't hesitate to turn on his friends in an effort to save himself...LEAD…AFRICAN-AMERICAN OR CAUCASIAN (15)

[UNKNOWN MAN / DAVID'S FATHER] Seen in flashback to David's childhood, he is a mysterious, forceful figure in his 50s – 60s who abandons David at an orphanage, and never sees him again. As David later learns, his father is the leader of an ancient and terrifying cult devoted to spreading evil in the world. He may even be somehow connected to David's current confinement and horrifying ordeal -- but that mystery will only be revealed much later...LEAD…CAUCASIAN (7)

[MARIA] This sweet-looking young Latino woman, 18-22 years old, is discovered clinging to life in a pile of rotting corpses. She also joins David's small band of survivors as they search desperately for an escape route. Also guilty of murder in the outside world, Maria killed her gang banger boyfriend and his associates. Under her innocent exterior, she's a real tigress who won't hesitate to kill to save herself...SUPPORTING…LATINO (62)

[BILLY] Feigning admiration and concern, this thug in his late 20s – 30s buys the destitute Emma food and rents her a hotel room for the night. Later, he and his fellow hoodlums let themselves into Emma's room and prepare to sexually terrorize her. However, they all have a grisly surprise in store...SUPPORTING… CAUCASIAN (73)

[SGT. BOREN] Age 50, this seen-it-all officer tells the devastated David that he's no longer welcome at the academy because of his father's criminal record...SUPPORTING…ALL ETHNICITIES (33)

[UNIFORMED OFFICER] This 45-year-old officer shows David the ropes of his chosen profession, but warns David to stay in the squad car when a deadly fire breaks out...SUPPORTING…ALL ETHNICITIES (1)

[CARLOS] Carlos seen from ages 16 to 20, he's a handsome but brutal Latino youth who has become a notorious drug runner and gang leader. He treats his young wife, Maria, like dirt -- until Maria snaps and ends his abuse forever...SUPPORTING…LATINO (63)

[YOUNG DAVID] Seen in flashback, he's David as a 9-year-old child. He is understandably devastated when he is abandoned at an orphanage by his father...SUPPORTING…CAUCASIAN (7)

[YOUNG MARIA] Seen in flashback, this young Latina girl is Maria as a beautiful, innocent 12-year-old child...SUPPORTING…LATINA (62)

[YOUNG CARLOS] Seen in flashback, this Latino altar boy is Carlos as a handsome, refined boy of 12, before his life has diverged into gangs and drugs...SUPPORTING…LATINO (62)


look at me i'm perfect wake me up and let's get started
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