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Kempner High School

Hundreds of teachers and thousands of students attend and leave Kempner High School not knowing about its interesting history. To begin, let us start where the idea of building this school began. In 1984, Fort Bend county authorized a bond issue. This allowed the construction of the fourth high school in Fort Bend county.

Issac Herbert Kempner, founder of Imperial Sugar, has contributed much to Sugar Land, and for this the school was named after him. The first Kempner principal was decided by the board on January 11, 1988 to be Mr. Wayne Emerson. He was dedicated to his work and students. The anticipation was over when Kempner opened its doors to the first Open House on August 30, 1988 at 7:30 p.m. The $15,522,300 school contained 55.88 acres of pecan trees, a 750 seat auditorium, and 100 faculty and staff members. In 1990, Kempner's first senior class graduated.

When Kempner first opened, the area surrounding it was isolated. Highway 6 was only two-laned. In the past ten years, the school has witnessed immense growth. At one point Kempner had 3,000 students! Now, as houses are being built across the street, Kempner will soon become a neighborhood school.

Kempner has always been more of an economic school. The school has a good report and high scores. It serves a diverse population, which other schools usually struggle at achieving, and a student body that interacts with each other. The students that graduate from Kempner go on to a range of professions. Four students from Kempner have gone on to pro sports. Many have gone on to become doctors, scientists, engineers, teachers, politicians, and other numerous fields.

In the 1999-2000 school year, Dr. James May became the new principal after Mr. Wayne Emerson moved to Beijing, China to further enhance his career.

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