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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
Posted on: Feb 26


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Jason Chan
Posted on: Feb 23

    Ran into Jason Chan's site while browsing for WoW images, it's an awesome page full of wonderful artworks.
Decided to completely change the look and layout of my page with Jason's masterful paintings.

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Posted on: Dec 6

 "The most amusing or instructive companion is at best like a favourite volume, that we wish after a time to lay upon the shelf; but as our friends are not willing to be laid there, this produces a misunderstanding and ill-blood between us."

-William Hazlitt, On The Pleasure of Hating

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Posted on: Dec 6

WoW plods along. Still getting caught in guilds with rather immature people. Left a guild full of people that would spend hours on end debating chuck norris vs. bruce lee, only to join a guild with people that throw temper tantrums in the middle of instances. Very disconcerting. Joined another new one for now. Hopefully I can level up enough to be of use when it is absorbed by a larger guild.

I'm still tired. I don't know why. I would guess sleep, but I'm getting plenty of that. *shrug*

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Finish It
Posted on: Dec 6

Saw "The Fountain". I personally liked it, although I know it got hammered by critics. Admittedly it doesn't hit the high mark that it sets for itself. Sometimes the links between storylines are too obvious, and the repetition is overdone. But ultimately I think it gets the message across in a beautiful piece of film. It would be tough for me to say how others would like it. I do have a background in philosophy of life and death, as well as some education on Mayan philosophy and astrology (6 credit university honors course, yesss).

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Hey, your page looks like Charles'. I think. Anyhow, thanks for jazzing up my page!!
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