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Hi! I’m Jennifer Reger, head of members’ services at Yippykya. Aside from spending a million hours a day at Yippykya headquarters, I attend Houston Baptist University. After eight years and over twenty majors, I will be graduating in 2008, with a bachelor of science, in business admin and political science.

Just like everyone else in the world, I’m a busy person. I have a motley collection of interests, but to find the time for fun is a whole other story…

I’ve been with Yippykya since inception. We’ve worked through trials and errors to bring the best of the best to you. This isn’t to say that we’re perfect; we still have a long way and a lot of work to go. If it seems like there are a billion things to do on Yippykya, that’s because there are. However, these are a few of my favorite things about the site.

1. Shopping! I love to shop, and on Yippykya, you can do all your online shopping at one place. Also, as you go up levels, you get a bigger and better discount! Yippy!

2. Downloads! Music is one of my passions. The fact that I can go to one place and download music from my favorite, unsigned local bands is awesome!

3. Yippys on the Rise! This section has to be one of my favorites. Like I said, I love music, and here I can browse music and be in the know about up and coming stars. I also get to browse the models section and either drool or be totally jealous! All the genres of Yippys on the Rise are really interesting. I can spend hours just reading up on the different things that people have done and want to do. The talent here is amazing!

4. SwapShop! This is what I wish I had for the past few years of school. I could have been a baller selling all of my textbooks here. Of course, I’m a senior and want to keep all my books because they’re great reference material… C’est la vie!

Join the Yippy revolution and see what Yippykya can do for you. Sign up early, and you can get nearly any username you want!
If you have any questions, or need assistance, send me a message, and I will personally get back to you.

Always at your service,

I also kinda, sorta have a thing for the humor of Stephen Colbert...


MCR Famous Last Words
3 min 13 secs
13 secs
David Letterman Interview
1 min 28 secs
Evolution of Dance
4 min 11 secs


I like your background. Leslie, my co, is a fan of this Chinese artist from Taiwan and her drawings/images are like this, but in Chinese historic costumes. Leslie bought me a book with beautiful illustrations, I wouldn't mind load some of those images on my page.
i updated it!!! and now I'm hungry!
read your blog on myspace & since you're promoting this like crazy, i shall leave u a comment here.....
your relationship sappiness makes me nauseous.....ugh...hahahahahah love ya babe (yea yea yea i'm probably jealous or some crap like that!)
Who do I call to be featured on YOTR (YIPPYs on the Rise)? Can I be on both Models & Actors?
Yeah for sure we should. What part of Cali are you coming to? I'm in OC. I will be in town for a wedding next month just for the weekend. Probably won't have time to do anything, but i will be in town on June 15-17
Jennifer replied:
We'll be all over the place, but end up in Huntington Beach. :-D Hope to see you in June, if not at the end of the year.
Jason & Marilyn:
sure u can add me n marilyn as your friend
Come check out our site.
Glad we're new friends. I hope you enjoy my paintings.
therrrre u go, fifured out the photo thing. not quite the computer genious here...
Thanks, I am friends with Brandon, he sent me some email to join
Hey girlie! :)
Where are we!
Jennifer replied:
on the darkside, duh!
Hi Jenn! I think I got it right...Good luck with finals....and see you next week!!
"Sweet and Innocent" except for the fact that if you look reeaal close, you can see my boobie
It was a pleasure meeting you! Now I just need to get my page pimped like yours.
Hey Thanks for all your help!! Hope you are having a good day!
what is wrong with that playlist thingy. it seems to be holding up your profile page loading
How do u put songs on ur profile? are those songs taken from ur own mp3 collection?
Jennifer replied:
It's some projectplaylist thing. You just search for the song. I took it off because it was making my page load too slow, though.
That's a nice one Andrew LOL, I wish I have a wallet like that
In case you need a new wallet, I think this is a good one with ipod:
god you're gonna have to fix up my page, I fucking suck at these kind of things
howdy do, I think I'll keep your playlist open all day=]
I heart you! Love Ape & Layne
"I left my wallet in El Segundo!" Is that a movie or a song or none of them?
Did your teacher really get robbed at church?
Yes, I was working in the office on April 1st at night, so bored!!!!!
the actual mp3 file would be required not just the link to stream
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John Reger


Jet, Oasis, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Rogue Wave, Jack Johnson, The Dresden Dolls, Smashing Pumpkins, Air, Mandalay, Rilo Kiley, Portishead, Mazzy Star, Regina Spektor, Sarah McLachlan, Al Green, Frank Sinatra, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, OMD, Erasure, New Order, Anything Box, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, N.E.R.D., Common, The Roots, Lauryn Hill, Arrested Development


Fight Club, Zoolander, Vanilla Sky, Finding Nemo, American Beauty, The Wedding Singer, Thank You for Smoking...This could be an infintely long list. To sum it up, I like weird movies and comedies. Oh, and anything that involves staring at Johnny Depp for two hours. YUMMY!

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