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I'm a computer geek by trade, but my passion is knowing what scares you. I design, build and manage Haunted Houses. I love the concept of fear. There is no greater satisfaction than making a 300 lbs man do the pee pee dance.


One Shadow
Posted on: Jun 21

The sun rises, it's harsh light tearing through the darkness. 


Shadows scurry away, recoiling from the killing light.


One shadow stands defiant, holding on to the night.


The sun beats down upon it, ripping at its ebony flesh.


The shadow stretches away from the light, covering all in darkness.


The sun moves across the sky, ever searching for a weakness.


The shadow dances with the sun, mocking its every advance.


The sun is commited to its path, ever vigilant and daunting.


The shadow, with no restraint, twists and turns in its defence of the night.


The sun, seeing no reward, retreats in shame and defeat.


The shadow rejoins the night, melting into its dark embrace.

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Strawberry Fields - Haiku
Posted on: May 17

Dedicated to Heather Fields and the baby inside.
Sweet Wild Fruit
Ripening in loving Fields
Beautiful Strawberry
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The Darkness And I
Posted on: May 14

We sit in silence, the darkness and I, contemplating the actions of our consequences.


We strive to reach that distant light, burning in the twilight of our memory. 


Each love a part of the whole of our lives.


Each scar on our heart a badge worn with pride.


Silently we shout, beckoning the world to stop it's relentless apathy of our plight.


To feel again would be a wonderous thing.


The numbness we clutch to wears thin. 


"I had a love, once."  I say to the darkness.  It looks at me and laughs, the sound thundering in my head.


"You can not lie to me."  says the darkness "I pierce the hearts of man."


I know the truth of it.


We sit in silence, the darkness and I... 

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Empty Inside
Posted on: May 14

All he wanted to do was love her.  Her rejection of his love was the bitter, sardonic laughter of past relationships.  He was lost without her, the beating of his heart echoing in the vast emptiness he felt inside.  Fighting back the memories of times spent in her warm embrace, he works his way through a life that now seems sullen and gray.
There was a time when just being with her was enough to fill him with warmth and joy.  Now, being close to her, knowing that he can't BE close to her is an unbearable Hell.  He's done his time in Hell before.  He doesn't want to repeat the experience.
Love is sticky.  It gets deep inside the rocky surface of the heart.  You can't just shake it off.  You have to pry it loose, chip it away.  It's arduous work at best.  It would be so much simpler if she would just open her eyes, and her heart, and see what's in front of her.  Here was a guy that worshiped the very ground she walked on.  Here was a guy that loved her, unconditionally.  Here was a guy that wasn't concerned with her past.  Here was a guy that loved everything about her.  Her family, her friends, her hopes and dreams for the future. 
But, most people are blind to love.  They get so caught up in their daily struggle to survive that they miss the beauty around them.  You can't force someone to love you.  You can't make them see the benefits of being with you.  You can only love them and hope that love catches their eye.  So he goes on, chipping away, trying to free his heart from loves eternal grip, hopeful that she'll see the light and stop his torment.
His heart beat echos.
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In The Dark Place
Posted on: May 14

Sit back my children and heed me well,

For the time has come to tremble.

No more time to hide from shadows

And the horrors they resemble.


For as you lie in your beds at night,

Your covers you'll be clutching.

The Dark Place knows your inner fears,

And its minions are always watching.


Each shadow that is cast at night,

Each dark and dusty corner,

Becomes a door when the moon is full,

And midnight is the order.


With glowing eyes and razor teeth,

And the smell of smoke and sulfur,

They'll feed your fears and eat your screams

As your bodies writhe and suffer.


With icy grips and fiery breath,

They'll rend your flesh and muscle,

And use your bones for fun and games

As they play and dance and tussle.


You can not hide what's in your mind,

For children's fears they sense.

They'll eat you up and wear your skin,

And mock you in your absence.


So make your wishes and say your prayers,

And kiss your mommy's face,

But keep in mind what lurks below,

And knows you in the Dark Place.

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Hope to see you at the party!!
Hey! Have not seen you since one of them BBQs at Uncle Mikes
Hi Chris~ Have a great week.
your work sounds like fun. too bad i'm such a chicken now.
Hi, thanks for the peep request. :)
Wowzee! Great page.

Welcome to Yippykya!
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