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Hi there...I don't think it's a possible to describe my character or tell you all about myself in this little amount of space but I can give you just a brief glimpse into who I am. Just living my life to the fullest right now. Definetly a true Saggitarius, outgoing and driven. My REAL friends (they know exactly who they are) are the sisters I lean on and love very deeply for always gettin by back. I love people who have a good sense of humor. I don't take myself too seriously, & can be a total goofball sometimesBut hey don't go judging a book by its cover, did the whole school thing already.. went to Florida State, got my degree. (in Marketing & Econ.)So basically the girl next door. I just do something very unique for my job at the time being.
What do I do you ask?!? Well I work in entertainment. My bread in butter is working as a professional spokesmodel in different industries. Print jobs, conventions, model hostess you name it. I have worked as a backup dancer, an informercial host, toured globally in Import scene, Fitness model, videos, and commercial print is my forte. I recorded for a while, & performed different venues. For now I'm casting in Miami right now for various jobs,still traveling for work alot. Pretty much through N. America. Basically chasing some dreams & living/loving life. :)

But my passion is living everyday as an artistic creator: from Singing & Songwriting, harmonizing melodies, late nights in the studio etc. (The main studios we're workin in are Tampa & San Fran) And to creating amazing photoshoot concepts, to writing poetry, to evoking emotions in my images I LovE it all!!! .

Anyhow....My favs include: My puppy, Cold Stone cake batter ice cream, dancing all night, flirtinis, cooking scrumptious yet healthy concoctions, my phone which is attached to the side of my head, Hip hop cardio class on SoBe, fashion, good causes, the beach, a good work out, sleep, and last but certainly not least. I'm dedicated to enjoying life & making my dreams come true, And have much love for all the cool a*$ people I have met along the way! Shout outs to: My Friends!, PMGirls, Morena Ent, Pinays/pinoys too, FSU Seminoles!, Big LG, Loud Mouth Productions (Tug, L, and Al), BSN, J-Huff photog, & everyone who shows some love; GO NOLES! xoxo Melanie

P.S. Thank you so much to everyone who writes me very nice messages, I must apologize ahead of time though b/c I am not able to get to reply to all of them due to my travel/work schedule. I dont want date anyone on here sorry save it for eharmony or better yet your own destiny. :)


Hiya! Welcome to Yippykya! Thanks for signing up! I hope you can make it to our Get Discovered party at Rich’s on June 27th!
If you have any feedback, let me know!
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