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YAY! I am a Yippy *
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May 1, 2007.
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The world is so full of negativity, that I love all things happy! Happy people, Happy music, Happy parties, Happy pills (hehe, j/k), etc. I hate Drama, with a capital D.

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Random Pics =)
Posted on: May 1 | 1 comment






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hey hot pics!
very sexy...
Hiiiiiiiie!!!!1 HUnny BUnnny!!! I MISSS YOU!!! MUUUUUUUUAH
wow, beautiful women all over yippy.
Tia replied:
Thank u!!! XOXO TM
ur hott i wish i was as hott as you D:
Tia replied:
The questions are: Could you be any hotter?! & What would a girl like you want with a guy like me?
Tia replied:
Consider me a guilty pleasure in YippyWorld :)
Eyhay Iatay! Ow'shay itway oinggay? Ifway ouyay areway everway
inway Ashingtonway DCAY eway avehay otay artypay.
Tia replied:
What??? :)
you go girl,,you are HOTTTTT!! You need to be at the Yippy Party...wuzup?
Tia replied:
I'm definitely going to try my best!
girl i'm 23 now! i know like i get that a lot. i never looked my age. and so like maybe when i get old ill look a lot younger.. and that's cool!
Tia replied:
Yeah, you've got that flirting with the law look down! Be careful spring thing - :)
Yummy! hehe
Tia replied:
When I hear yummy, I think gummy ... bears, that is. - hehe
I showed my Cali homeboys our new "Yippy" website...and they were like... "Oh shit...who is that Tia chick..." and i was like... well... thats Houston for you.... U represent well mama! you make me glad im from houston and dont have to travel any further than the nearest hotspot to find a hottie.
Tia replied:
Glad to be representin' ;)
hello! = )
Tia replied:
Cheerio! :)
Tia replied:
woooof! thx 4 visiting my page.
you're hot! don't mind me. i'm just giving props where it's due.
Tia replied:
You're not so bad yourself! Twee makes boys go WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
We like happy people, negative people not so much.
Great Pics thanks!! and Keep in touch Tia Maria .

much love-FAT DONKEY
Tia replied:
Absolutely! Party poopers make life poop!
Part time? Looks like you're going full time since you're up late this early in the week. As for me? I'm a full time employee of the insomnia company.
Tia replied:
We really need to change our unhealthy lifestyles!
Thanks for the add! Looking forward to the launch party. Maybe too much that I'm still awake =)
Tia replied:
Speaking of not being able to sleep, I wonder if I'm a part-time insomniac because I occasionally go out on the weekends and stay up really late ;)
YIPPY has all the beautiful people!
Tia replied:
Hey Doll, I totally agree! Can you believe they're still only in pre-launch?!? Just think how many hotties there will be after launch.
Fosho I'm an oilers fan!!! I found this beanie in a store out here in sf and thought I'd have to get it!! I'm sure it is hard to find any oiler's gear so I swooped on it!! Anyhow I love ur pics!!! Sexay!! I will be in htown july to party it up!!!
Tia replied:
Thank you Oilers' fan for liking my pics. You did good on your purchase :)
If you could be any tree in the forest, which one would you be and why?
Tia replied:
That's not my typical question, but I'd have to answer a pecan tree, since it's very Texas, and people have been known to call me a titch nutty. hehe
Lol i am having fun! im really new to this yippy thing. what area do you stay in houston?
Tia replied:
I used to be out in Sugarland, but I just relocated to a new hush-hush location. Shhhhh!
I just put up some pics...check them out!!!
Tia replied:
BEAUTIFUL! You really do know how to highlight a woman's best features.
if you were an ice cream (wo)man, i'd let you kidnap me... but only for a choco taco.
Tia replied:
I'm still trying to figure out if your comment's perverse, dorky, bizarre, culinary, or just plain original. It did make me laugh :)
your pics are great!
Tia replied:
YAY! My first comment from a woman! I'm happy you like my pics, I love your voice. Thank you.
look who is the smacktalker -- meant a different mm.....
Tia replied:
Takes one to know one! ;)
Thanks for adding me to your friends list. Love your site. ;-)
Tia replied:
I love your site, too. It's so dark and horrorific!
Good seeing you last night, you sexy bitch.
Tia replied:
Thank you! It was great see you too. I LOVE Jonny's Sports Bar!
Hot Damm! Ur Sexy! Love the pics! Definitely an 11 on the 1 to 10 scale. Def·i·nite·ly!
Tia replied:
U 'damm' making me blush!
So what's going on with you? Definitely a model, but are you acting or anything else? How long in H-Town?
Tia replied:
I've been blessed with some really good modeling gigs in Houston. As for acting, I'm really scared of it, but I think I'd be faboo on "Deal or No Deal" as one of those girls on the steps with a suitcase. That seems not as scary as being a sitcom star, or something. Keep your fingers crossed for me - TM
you know it. i actually spoke with MM this past week about this, not sure if she is in to it yet, said she hadn't talked to you in a
Tia replied:
Quit talking smack! hehe
Thanks for the add. Make sure to listen to the full length dance mixes on my page. Peace Brian
Tia replied:
Your beats make me want to hit the dance floor! Weeeeeee!
Cheers for the add. Lookin sharp. H
Tia replied:
Thank you, so do you in your kilt. Going commando?
I'm happy to hear you enjoy my paintings.
Tia replied:
I really do.
Hey beautiful, hope all went smoothly with your move.
Tia replied:
Move, what move? I have people do that for me. hehe
Hey Tia, thanks for the add! Come by ROCBAR sometime.
Tia replied:
I would agree, a visit would be nice :).
Tia replied:
Aww, you're sweet :)
When are you going to come back into the office?
Tia replied:
I'm still taking typing lessons.
What's up gorgeous?
Tia replied:
I'm relocating to posher digs.
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